Marie Ohlsson

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Articles in journals

Lund Ohlsson, M. , Danvind, J. & Holmberg, L. J. (2018). Shoulder and Lower Back Joint Reaction Forces in Seated Double Poling. Journal of Applied Biomechanics, vol. 34: 5, pp. 369-376.    

Lund Ohlsson, M. & Laaksonen, M. (2017). Sitting position affects performance in cross-country sit-skiing. European Journal of Applied Physiology, vol. 117: 6, pp. 1095-1106.    

Hofmann, K. B. , Ohlsson, M. L. , Höök, M. , Danvind, J. & Kersting, U. G. (2016). The influence of sitting posture on mechanics and metabolic energy requirements during sit-skiing : a case report. Sports Engineering, vol. 19: 3, pp. 213-218.  

Holmberg, J. , Lund Ohlsson, M. , Supej, M. & Holmberg, H. (2013). Skiing efficiency versus performance in double-poling ergometry. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, vol. 16: 9, pp. 987-992.  

Holmberg, L. J. , Ohlsson, M. & Danvind, J. (2012). Musculoskeletal simulations : a complementary tool for classification of athletes with physical impairments. Prosthetics and orthotics international, vol. 36: 3, pp. 396-397.  

Holmberg, J. & Lund Ohlsson, M. (2010). Biomekaniska simuleringar adderar insikt om längdskidåkning. Svensk Idrottsforskning, vol. 19: 1, pp. 38-40.

Holmberg, J. & Lund, M. (2008). A Musculoskeletal Full‐body Simulation of Cross‐Country Skiing. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part P, vol. 222: P1, pp. 11-22.  

Conference papers

Lund Ohlsson, M. , Danvind, J. & Holmberg, L. J. (2017). LUMBAR SPINE REACTION FORCES IN SEATED PARA-SPORT: CROSS-COUNTRY SIT-SKIING. In Brisbane 2017 : Abstract book.  

Lund Ohlsson, M. , Laaksonen, M. S. & Holmberg, L. J. (2016). Evaulation of two sitting positions in Cross-Country Sit-Skiing. In ICSS 2016 - International Congress on Science and Skiing, Arlberg, Austria, 10-15th December..

Lund Ohlsson, M. , Höök, M. & Laaksonen, M. S. (2016). On the effect of sitting position, in simulated cross-country sit-skiing. Paper presented at the 21st annual congress of the European college of sport science, 6-9 July, Vienna, Austria

Lund Ohlsson, M. , Danvind, J. & Holmberg, J. (2013). Can Simulations Assist in Classification Development?. In Equipment and Technology in Paralympic Sports.

Skoglund, P. , Lund Ohlsson, M. & Danvind, J. (2013). Lower Leg Prosthesis for Cross-Country Skiing Classical Technique. Paper presented at the International Paralympic Committee VISTA2013 Scientific Conference, Bonn, 2013, Equipment & Technology in Paralympic Sports  

Lund Ohlsson, M. , Stöggl, T. & Danvind, J. (2012). Asymmetry case study during skiing in the diagonal stride using a lower leg prosthesis. Paper presented at the 2nd International Congress on Science and Nordic Skiing, Vuokatti, Finland, May 28-31, 2012

Lund, M. , Ståhl, F. & Gulliksson, M. (2008). Regularity Aspects in Inverse Musculoskeletal Biomechanics. In NUMERICAL ANALYSIS AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS. (AIP conference proceedings). pp. 368--371.  

Lund, M. & Holmberg, J. (2008). Which are the Antagonists to the Pectoralis MajorMuscle in 4th Gear, Free‐style Technique, Cross‐Country Skiing?. In Science and Nordic Skiing. Oxford : . pp. 110--118.

Holmberg, J. & Lund, M. (2007). Using Double‐Poling Simulations to Study the Load Distribution between Teres Major and Latissimus Dorsi. In Science and Nordic Skiing. Oxford : . pp. 81--89.

Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Lund Ohlsson, M. (2018). Double Poling Incross-Country Skiing : Biomechanical and Physiological Analysis of Sitting and Standing Positions. Dis. (Comprehensive summary) Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2018 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 275)  

Licentiate theses, comprehensive summaries

Lund Ohlsson, M. (2009). New methods for movement technique development in cross-country skiing using mathematical models and simulation. Lic. (Comprehensive summary) Sundsvall : Mittuniversitetet, 2009 (Mid Sweden University licentiate thesis : 41)  


Lund Ohlsson, M. & Gulliksson, M. (2009). Least Squares Approach to Inverse Problems in Musculoskeletal Biomechanics. Sundsvall : (Rapportserie FSCN 2009:52). (FSCN-rapport R-09-80).