Jonas Danvind

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Articles in journals

Lintzén, N. , Danvind, J. , Melin Söderström, E. , Nilsson, K. & Skoglund, P. (2019). Laboratory Investigation of Different Insulating Materials Used for Snow Storage. Journal of cold regions engineering, vol. 33: 4  

Lund Ohlsson, M. , Danvind, J. & Holmberg, L. J. (2018). Shoulder and Lower Back Joint Reaction Forces in Seated Double Poling. Journal of Applied Biomechanics, vol. 34: 5, pp. 369-376.    

Hofmann, K. B. , Ohlsson, M. L. , Höök, M. , Danvind, J. & Kersting, U. G. (2016). The influence of sitting posture on mechanics and metabolic energy requirements during sit-skiing : a case report. Sports Engineering, vol. 19: 3, pp. 213-218.  

Elmer, S. , Danvind, J. & Holmberg, H. (2013). Development of a novel eccentric arm cycle ergometer for training the upper body. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, vol. 45: 1, pp. 206-211.  

Holmberg, L. J. , Ohlsson, M. & Danvind, J. (2012). Musculoskeletal simulations : a complementary tool for classification of athletes with physical impairments. Prosthetics and orthotics international, vol. 36: 3, pp. 396-397.  

Conference papers

Björklund, G. , Danvind, J. & Sundström, D. (2019). The effect of speed and gradient on running economy and oxygen uptake during downhill running. Paper presented at the The 24th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science, 2019, 3-6 July, Prague, Czech Republic.

Roos, S. , Rännar, L. , Koptioug, A. & Danvind, J. (2017). Characterization of 316ln lattice structures fabricated via electron beam melting. In Materials Science and Technology Conference and Exhibition 2017, MS and T 2017.. pp. 336--343.  

Lund Ohlsson, M. , Danvind, J. & Holmberg, L. J. (2017). LUMBAR SPINE REACTION FORCES IN SEATED PARA-SPORT: CROSS-COUNTRY SIT-SKIING. In Brisbane 2017 : Abstract book.  

Bäckström, M. , Carlsson, P. , Danvind, J. , Koptioug, A. , Sundström, D. & Tinnsten, M. (2016). A New Wind Tunnel Facility Dedicated to Sports Technology Research and Development. In Procedia Engineering. (Procedia Engineering). pp. 62--67.    

Lund Ohlsson, M. , Danvind, J. & Holmberg, J. (2013). Can Simulations Assist in Classification Development?. In Equipment and Technology in Paralympic Sports.

Skoglund, P. , Lund Ohlsson, M. & Danvind, J. (2013). Lower Leg Prosthesis for Cross-Country Skiing Classical Technique. Paper presented at the International Paralympic Committee VISTA2013 Scientific Conference, Bonn, 2013, Equipment & Technology in Paralympic Sports  

Bäckström, M. , Tinnsten, M. , Koptyug, A. , Rännar, L. , Carlsson, P. , Danvind, J. & Wiklund, H. (2013). Sports Technology Education at Mid Sweden University. In 6TH ASIA-PACIFIC CONGRESS ON SPORTS TECHNOLOGY (APCST). (Procedia Engineering). pp. 214--219.    

Lund Ohlsson, M. , Stöggl, T. & Danvind, J. (2012). Asymmetry case study during skiing in the diagonal stride using a lower leg prosthesis. Paper presented at the 2nd International Congress on Science and Nordic Skiing, Vuokatti, Finland, May 28-31, 2012

Swarén, M. , Danvind, J. & Holmberg, H. (2010). Acceleration of the head during alpine skiing. In Proceedings for the fifth international conference on Science and Skiing. Salzburg : . pp. 82-